KlayResin is a two-part epoxy resin clay that can be quickly shaped and molded.  Since it begins to set within minutes, it is ideal for projects such as cuff bracelets, beads, or any setting where projects need to be completed quickly.  KlayResin comes in formulas that look like concrete, steel and copper, as well as a versatile porcelain white.  It is an ideal medium for embedding objects, since it does not need to be baked or fired and does not shrink.  Toner-based images can also be transferred directly onto the clay!

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1. Cut or pinch off a small piece of KlayResin from the roll.

2. Wear gloves and knead the two pieces together until the color is uniform. You can remove the gloves when mixing is complete.

3. Quickly shape, mold or sculpt KlayResin as desired. Embed objects or transfer an image.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does it cure?
The temperature and humidity of your room will impact the working time of KlayResin.  A cooler, more humid room will give you extra time to work.
A general timeline is:
Mixing time:
1 minute
Stiff but still workable: 5 minutes
No longer workable: 8 minutes
Fully cured: 24 hours

Can I add color to KlayResin?
Add acrylic paint or alcohol ink to the clay as you mix it for a rich color.  Alternatively, you can also brush pigment powder onto to the surface of the piece before it cures.

Can I electroform over KlayResin?
KlayResin is great to use as a base for electroformed pieces! It can be used to mold rings, bezels, bails, and more.  Check out our free Electroformed Geode Ring and Pendant Project for more information.

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