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E3 Duo™ Electroforming and Etching Controller (controller ONLY)

E3 Duo™ Electroforming and Etching Controller (controller ONLY)

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The E3 Duo™ controller is two machines in one! It contains the programs for both etching and electroforming/plating. It is designed to make professional jewelry pieces right from your home studio.  Select US (110V) or International (220V) from the dropdown menu above.  Please note that you may need to sign for this item upon delivery due to the cost of the goods shipped.


See our add-on kits for Etching or Electroforming.

E3 Duo™ Electroforming/Plating and Etching Controller Specs:

  • 2 Amp, 6 Volts max
  • LED display to show power levels for etching or current level for electroforming/plating.
  • For electroforming: Adjustable range from 40mA-2Amp (current based system). It covers pieces quickly with a smooth deposition of metal.
  • For plating: Gold, silver and other metals can be plated using the controller.  Simply use a low current with the appropriate anodes and solutions needed for the metal you are plating.
  • For etching: Adjustable power ranging from 1/2 watt-6 watts. This etching feature has a knob for an adjustable range.  The led display shows power:  L1 (low), L2 (medium) or L3 (high)
  • Copper, brass, bronze, silver and sterling silver can be electrically etched with the controller.
  • Small and compact-perfect for the home studio or for the classroom. (5" x 3" x .75")
  • International controller is sold with a universal power supply
  • Controller is made with high quality parts with superior stainless steel clips.
  • Made in USA

If you are new to electrical etching, please read this PDF before ordering. Electrical etching is different than chemical etching, especially with regard to etching small pieces and resist options.

To learn more about etching, visit our E3 Etch page!

To learn more about electroforming, visit our E3 Eform page!

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